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This is my, smoke_baby's, graphics journal, Loaded Bubblegun, which I'll mainly use for distributing my icons. I didn't want them to clutter my personal journal but still archive them, therefore they will from now on all go here.


1. Credit is not a must, but nice.
I won't bitch and moan if you don't because I'm too lazy, but it would simply be nice to give other users the opportunity to find me.

2. Do not edit or claim as your own.
For example: Textless icons are only bases if stated as that, so do not edit and claim as own.

3. Hotlinking is not a good idea.
While personally I couldn't care less if you do, I'm only using a free photobucket account, chances are that images will move or run out of bandwidth, therefore I'd prefer if you saved everything you use to your own accounts.

4. Watch me if you feel like it.
Sorry, had to say that. I appreciate watches, really!

Contact & Affiliates

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask, same goes for affiliating. Thanks! :)